Aaron’s Japanese Guide

A Full Guide & Primer on how to learn Japanese, from Beginner to Advanced


Though the primary purpose of writing this site is to focus on formal Japanese, I would like to give a quick primer on how I personally learned Japanese, in the hopes that it will be found useful.

My overall take is people make learning a new language, and especially Japanese, unnecessarily complicated. You don’t need some fancy app or way to “learn Japanese in 5 minutes”, just a really simple regimen to follow. This is how I learned Japanese, and it does not require much money or resources – just your time, sweat, and dedication!

The below sections are broken out between Pre-beginner, Beginner, Beginner > Intermediate, Intermediate, Intermediate > Advanced, then finally Advanced > Beyond. Each has subheadings covered under each area, and related Goals you should keep in mind. A summary of those goals, as it can be used as a simple checklist, is below, followed by the detailed guide below. Happy learning!

Table of Contents

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