The beginning level of Japanese is the most difficult, but, the most fundamental!
Interested in having someone guide you through these beginner steps? Have concepts explained in simple, plain English from someone who has been through the self-learning journey themselves!

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You often find that Japanese-native speakers will struggle to explain to you various concepts because they, themselves, have never ‘learned’ their native language (could you explain the “present perfect” on the spot in English if asked?) Then, you will find most English-native ‘teachers’ have a very bookish approach, getting stuck on traditional methods of teaching. They often don’t have experience in also tutoring English, as well as Japanese. There’s got to be a better way, you might say!

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For those reason, I am offering Japanese tutoring for Beginner & Intermediate Level Speakers (N5-N3), with a clearly developed lesson plan from start > finish, all based on my own experience in discovering best practices for learning the language. Alternatively, I am happy to adapt to your wishes for lesson-focus – just tell me what you want to spend time focusing on and I’m there!

What qualifies me to tutor?
・3+ years work experience using Japanese as the primary language of business
・Passed the JLPT N2 test in just over 2 years of study
・Completion of 50-level Kanji Course
・Studied under world-renowned Japanese professors for a full academic year at UC Berkeley
・Japanese Meetup Community Organizer, with 1000s of speaking hours logged w/ Native Speakers
・Manage the content for this website,
・…and, most importantly, I have made more mistakes than I can count along my journey, and know exactly how hard it can be! Let me try and make it easier for you, and keep you from the same struggles I had!

The Office Shiba!

What are the processes for tutoring? How do I get started?
~Teaching Medium~
Classes will be conducted via Zoom, unless otherwise requested by the student. Classes can be booked in 30 minute intervals (so 30 mins, 1 hour, 1 hour 30 mins etc)

At an introductory price level, classes will be 15 USD per 30 mins.
Group options are also available, with 2 students or more being just 10 USD per 30 mins. Payment is processed via Venmo (or PayPal if unavailable)
(Based abroad? No worries! Prices can be easily adjusted for local currency)

~Free Consultation~
A free 20 minute sample lesson/consultation is also available if you would like to speak more about your language goals, and how I can help! 🙂

So what are ya waiting for friend! If you would like to get more information, please reach out to me via the contact form below with your name, email, and a brief background of what you are looking for. If we are connected via alternative means (Social Media etc), feel free to reach out via those channels as well. Thank you!