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☐Learn the whole Japanese alphabet (46 characters) in 1 weekend


☐Sign up for Wanikani, study with it everyday (multiple times if possible) – to finish will take about 1-3 years depending largely on speed

☐Read through Tae KIm’s Grammar Guide once through before starting Genki I below

☐Start reading Genki I – progress ~1 chapter/week. Complete the accompanying workbooks/guides

☐Pick a way to memorize vocabulary, stick with it

☐Find a tutor, use it as ‘office hours’

Beginner > Intermediate

Finish Genki I, then start & finish Genki II

Start speaking w/ native speakers (first your tutor, then Meetup-style events). Make friends!

Start reading w/ beginner level texts

Analyze your level – proceed to Intermediate after re-reading Tae Kim’s Guide

Take, and pass, JLPT N4


Continue studying Kanji & Vocab, increase your attendance of Meetup events/tutoring sessions to practice

Start reading Tobira – progress ~1 chapter/1-2 weeks. Complete the accompanying workbooks/guides

Start reading at least 1 article per day in Japanese

Start translating J>E at least 1 article/blog etc. per day in Japanese

Start using Aruku as a resource (co-location dictionary)

Intermediate > Advance

Take, and pass, JLPT N2

Advance > Beyond

Finish all 60 levels of WaniKani

Start reading Authentic Japanese – progress ~1 chapter/1-2 weeks. Complete the accompanying workbooks/guides

Take, and pass, JLPT N1

Interact w/ Japanese everyday as much as possible. Consider moving to Japan for some period of time. Remember: imitation!