Intermediate > Advanced

At this point, you should now know around 1000-1500 (plus or minus) Kanji, depending on your rough speed on Wanikani, should be able to have basic conversation with decent flow, and be able to read and make sense of moderately difficult texts. 

Optional: Take JLPT N2

This would be a good time to attempt the JLPT N2 test. I think N3 can largely be skipped over (see my reasoning here). It is good timing right before you start on the more advanced level, and even if you don’t pass, it can be a great show of roughly where you are. You can also take the JLPT multiple times even if you fail, so I highly recommend taking the N2 if you can. Passing will also help you with employment prospects, and really make you proud of how far you’ve come.

Goal: Take, and pass, JLPT N2